Insurance Claims

Whether you’re insured or not, we can accurately assess the cost of repairing your vehicle, ensuring you get value for money from our repairs.

We’re experienced with dealing with some of Australia’s most trusted insurance providers, and can produce fair and reasonable estimates, optimised for quick approval to get your repairs underway as soon as possible.

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Chassis Realignment

In most instances after a particularly serious crash, your vehicle’s chassis, its structural framework, is warped beyond a safe driving condition.

Our workshop is equipped with state of the art Car-O-Liner chassis measurement and straightening equipment, to ensure that your vehicle is returned to as close to its manufacturer specifications as possible.

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Panel Beating

Our panel technicians can conduct all manner of metalwork and repairs to your vehicle’s panels, from smoothing out dents and replacing damaged metal to rust removal and plastics work.

We have the knowhow to repair all makes of vehicles, from sentimental favourites and classic cars to the latest models.

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Paintless Dent Removal

In some cases of minor panel damage, such as dents caused by car park bumps or hailstones, only the metal is bent out of shape, leaving the paint lying over it undamaged.

In instances like this, we can use speciality tools to smooth out the metal without having to sand away the paint, saving you the cost of an expensive repainting. To find out if paintless dent removal can be used with your vehicle, talk to our technicians today!

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Spray Painting

Whether you want a complete respray or a simple spot repair, our team can have your vehicle looking just like new.

We can match your vehicle’s existing paint job, or come up with an entirely new color using our range of high quality, environmentally friendly Glasurit water-based paints. Your car’s new paint is applied in our purpose-built air controlled spray booth, ensuring the smoothest, most even coat possible, and a showroom finish for your vehicle.

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Other Services

To ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction with their vehicle, we offer a range of additional services as part of repairs, including:

  • Coordinating with local towing services
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Post-repair detailing
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